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Your search for an experienced pool deck resurfacing contractor in Chandler has brought you to the right place.  With constant exposure to harsh conditions, your pool deck will start showing some wear and tear. Are you displeased with the coating on your pool deck? Are you looking to give your backyard a whole new look? Well, Chandler Pool Resurfacing & Plastering should be your first choice for all these projects. We serve the people of Chandler, Arizona and are proud of our services. With our expert pool deck resurfacing services, we are ready to transform your backyard effortlessly. 

Do you need to resurface?

If you are considering resurfacing your pool deck, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed already. It might appear to be expensive and time-consuming. Well, we are here to make the process easy and effortless. Are you wondering whether or not you need to resurface your pool deck? Well, here are the signs you need to watch out for.  

  • Are there cracks on the pool deck surface because of exposure to harsh weather conditions or age?
  • Is the pool decking not reflecting heat? Has the paint faded completely from the pool decking?
  • Is the material on the pool deck surface peeling away? Have you noticed bare spots? If not checked, it could lead to damage because once the paint peels off, the concrete is exposed.
  • Are you thinking about selling your home? Well, if there are problems on the pool deck surface, the home will not pass inspection because it is a huge safety issue. 

Pool deck resurfacing materials 

Over the years we have been in business, we have resurfaced a lot of pool decks for homeowners in Chandler using various materials and styles. Each of these materials have an appeal and a few benefits. For instance, they can improve the appearance of the backyard effortlessly. You can also count on a boost in the value of your home since they are durable, safe and guarantee easy maintenance.  

When you choose us, we can ensure that the material appeals to your style preferences. We have so much to offer you and there is a guarantee of high-quality results. We have a list of different materials for you to choose from. You can also call us any time to learn more about the materials we offer. We are here for all your pool deck resurfacing needs.  


We also have pavers which are considered the best options for pool decking resurfacing. Most homeowners love them because they are beautiful. Note that, they are also durable and are resistant to the harsh chemicals used in the pools. You are making a good investment by installing pavers for your pool decking. They are also very easy to install and replace. In the event that one paver breaks, it’s very easy to replace

Stamped concrete

If you want amazing views from your pool, you can’t go wrong with stamped concrete. It is also very durable and a great choice for many homeowners. Stamped concrete mimics natural stone, yet another amazing quality for pool deck resurfacing. Our professionals will make the stamped concrete surface appear lifelike by staining it. You will not regret choosing stamped concrete for your pool decking needs.

Concrete overlays 

Concrete overlays are reliable, durable and beautiful pool deck resurfacing options. They bring about a seamless and sleek finish when installed. They are easy to apply because there is no need to prepare the surface before installation. You can choose concrete overlays in a bland color for the most outstanding results. Do you want your concrete overlays to look like marble or bowling balls? Well, we will add more pigment during the application. The finished product is perfect because it brings out more traction.  

Brick Or tile

Although these two materials are rarely used for pool deck resurfacing, they also have a few benefits. For instance, you can count on reduced maintenance cost. Even better, they feel good underneath your feet. Tile is a great material because it doesn’t stain. Another notable benefits of both brick and tile is that the surface always remains cools even when in direct sunlight. All in all the two materials can guarantee the most amazing feel on your feet.

Kool decking

Since 1960’s Kool Decking is a popular choice for many homeowners because of the high-quality performance and exceptional appearance. If you are looking for a reliable pool decking material, Kool Decking should be your first choice. The material tractions when wet. Also, the surface is cool because it reflects sunlight. It is affordable especially for homeowners who are resurfacing on a budget and very durable.  

Stenciled concrete

Stenciled concrete is a very affordable material for pool deck resurfacing. It’s a good option for those who are doing the project on a budget. You can use it to mimic flagstones, pavers or wood. Even better, the material has enough durability to last a long time. During the installation process, we can make stenciled concrete appear realistic by making shapes and staining it for the best look.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I Resurface My Pool Deck?

Have you noticed a few imperfections, fading, or discolorations on your pool deck? You don’t need to replace the whole thing. Rather, you need to give it a facelift. That’s where our pool deck resurfacing services come in handy. We can have it done in a few days and make the pool look brand new.  

  1. How To Choose Concrete Pool Deck Coating?  

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a concrete pool deck coating.  

  • Durable – Concrete is very durable and can last longer than other pool deck materials. The lifespan of concrete depends on care, abuse, or use. It’s very easy to repair cracks on the surface. Once the concrete sets properly, it will remain in place for many years. Note that, when pavers are not installed properly, they are likely going to move and settle. 
  • Easy Maintenance – Once you protect your concrete with a sealer, it is protected from stains as well as wear and tear.
  • Exceptional Designs – Concrete pool deck coating come in different designs, textures, score lines, and colors. These are not comparable to other pool deck materials. You can choose something to match your outdoor patio, landscaping, or home. At Cathedral City Pool Deck Resurfacing, we will create different looks such as brick, granite, flagstone, slate, and many more.
  1. What is the Cost Of Resurfacing A Pool Deck? 

It depends mostly on the condition of the current surface and the area.  The only way to get an accurate estimate is for us to make a site visit to see the exact condition of the existing deck, decide on materials, take measurements, and to see important details like how workable is the available space, how many special details we will have to make, etc. 

  1. How Can I Keep A Pool Deck Cool?

Most people love having a cool pool deck. Well, the Kool deck surface remains cooler than tiles, exposed aggregate, pavers, epoxy flooring, and gray concrete. However, during the hot summer months, the pool deck surface will absorb heat. It’s prudent to choose a light color if your swimming pool is in direct sunlight or if the region records high temperatures during summer. Note that, light colors absorb less heat compared to darker colors.  

  1. Are There Any Slip-resistant Materials Available? 

As professional pool deck resurfacing experts, we focus on safety. That’s why we have several slip-resistant products that can transform any slippery surface. However, you can’t hold us responsible for any slip and fall accidents.  

  1. How Thick Is A Concrete Surface With An Overlay?  

Our coatings will add about a quarter-inch thickness. However, if the existing concrete surface is uneven, the thickness will go as high as 2 inches. That’s because we use our bending overlay to make the area even.  

  1. What is the Concrete Surface Is Cracked?  

It’s possible to achieve the pool deck you have in mind, regardless of any existing cracks. When you hire Chandler Pool Resurfacing & Plastering, we will check the cracks in place. Next, we will fix the existing cracks before resurfacing to prevent any problems in the future. 

  1. What is the Lifespan of The Coating? 

The surface of a pool deck can last as long as 10 years. However, the maintenance and use will be factored in. Without any abuse and proper care, it can last as long as 25 years. 

How to install a pool deck

Here’s what you need to know about resurfacing a pool deck. Note that, the process depends on the products in use.  

  1. Prepare and Repair – The surface of the concrete needs to be porous. We will grind, etch, or shot blast it to make it porous. Also, we will fix any damage in place such as cracks. 
  1. Clean and Prime – With a pressure washer, we will clean the surface thoroughly and leave it to dry completely before applying a primer.  
  1. Mix Product – Next, we will prepare the product for the application. Follow the instructions for the best mixing results. You should mix in the colors if necessary. 
  1. Apply Overlay – We will apply the overlay by rolling, troweling, or spraying for the best results. 
  1. Add patterns and Texture – Here, we will use special tools like rakes, stamps, and hand trowels to bring out the best patterns and designs.  
  1. Cure and Seal – To guarantee the best resistance to stains, improved strength, and overall protection, we will add a sealer after the overlay is cured completely.  

You can always apply concrete coating on your own. However, if you don’t want any mistakes, let one of our professionals do it for you. 


Some maintenance tips after resurfacing include:  

  • Remove grass clippings, dust or debris using a broom or a mop.
  • Spray the dirty spots using a hose. 
  • Any chemical spills should be cleaned very fast. For stubborn spots, you should use commercial cleaners. Pressure washers should be used only when necessary.


We use different colors, textures and other effects to bring out the best results. There are so many options to choose from so you can rest assured that we will meet your preferences.  


You can choose from any of the colors available. You can’t go wrong with neutral, vibrant or bold colors. We have color charts available to help you make the best decision. If you can’t see the specific color you have in mind, feel free to call us and we will help you immediately.

Textures, patterns and masonry effects

We will use score lines (borders, bands, stars, and other types of patterns), saw cuts, various texture aggregates, and much more to come up with unique designs. We will mimic other materials such as wood, flagstone, slate, wood, and much more effortlessly. At Chandler Pool Resurfacing & Plastering, we will also ensure a longer lifespan by coating the surface with the best finish to protect from staining or wear and tear.  

After choosing the best design, you can choose options between concrete overlays and acrylic top coatings. If you are feeling overwhelmed, feel free to contact us now for help! 



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